About us

From Pinhole to point-and-shoot, 35mm SLR to 8×10 Large format, we love ’em all…

The Sunny 16 Podcast is a UK based show hosted by Ade, Rachel and Graeme which explores the world of analogue photography in all its forms.

Featuring interviews with a diverse range of people, from authors to artists, gallery curators to film lab owners and much more, we here at Sunny 16 are always in search of an interesting conversation. As well as our guests, the show also covers relevant news, listener feedback and whatever else is on our photographic minds at the time.

As part of the podcast we started the Cheap Shots Challenge, a fun, friendly, and best of all low cost way to motivate ourselves and our listeners to get out shooting and sharing in a very laid back competition with zero stakes. You can find all the details of how to join in right HERE.

We’ve also held our annual awards “The Sunnies” for the last two years, where we ask all our listeners to vote on a number of film photography related categories, then have a our very own awards show to celebrate another awesome year of analogue.

So that’s us. You can tune in every week on iTunes, Podbean, or wherever you get your podcasts from, and listen to us talking about the thing we all love with brilliant people who love it just as much.