The Sunnies


Best New Product 2018

Honourable mentions to: Lomo Diana Instant, Yodica films,  Analogue adventurer Kit and Cinestill TCS 1000.

5th: CineStill DF96 Monobath / Intrepid Mk3

4th: Film Lab app from Abe Fettig

3rd: Chroma 4×5 Camera from Steve Lloyd

2nd: Kodak Tmax P3200

1st: Kodak Ektachrome 100

screenshot 2019-01-17 08.43.12
Does not come in 120, yet.



Inspirational Analogue Photographer
of the Year


3rd, Jason Lee:
He’s fully immersed in the film community, even starting Film Photographic to create a new community of film photographers.”
His ability to give life to otherwise empty scenery”.

3rd, Michael Kenna:
Use of black and white and minimalism. His work is aspirational – within reach of any photographer.”
His ability to see beauty in the simplistic.”

2nd, Matt Day:
His health struggle, only to come back with his photo passion still strong, is very inspiring when I’m feeling lazy Matt shoots a lot around his hometown, his family and friends. I can really relate to the warm familiarity that he expresses through his work.

2nd, Eric Swanger:
Great work, great philosophies inspired me to make zines and buy a 4×5 camera”
“I love his prolific nature, we get to see a lot of his work. I think the thoughtfulness that he takes to his work, the ideas and feelings he expresses through it, inspire me to be more like that in what I shoot.”

2nd: James Moreton
His family pictures are anything but straight forward. There’s an eerie stillness that probably draws its influence from the foggy Antrim environment.”
“Wonderful bleak minimalist landscapes, and relentless darkroom work”

1: Anil Mistry.

“Both his dedication to film photography but also his inspirational outlook on life that is reflected in his work”
“Enthusiasm for projects and getting stuff done”
“His book Monochrome challenged me to think out of the box a bit more.”
“Quality of portrait work, prolific, “bedside manner” on the street.”

My bespoke Portra hat is better than yours.



Service or Supplier of the Year 2018


3rd: Nik and Trick Photo Services
2nd: Analogue Wonderland
1st: Ag Photographic

3rd: Blue Moon Camera and Machine
2nd: Old School Photo
1st: Film Photography Project

Rest of the world honourable mentions:
Colorfoto – Portugal
Maco Direct – Germany
Foto Impex – Germany

3rd: Film Photography Project
2nd: Analogue Wonderland

1st: Ag Photographic

screenshot 2019-01-17 08.47.14
Ag is the symbol for silver, it is pronounced: Ag.



Film of the Year


5th: Portra 400 – Kodak

4th: Ektar 100 – Kodak

3rd: TRI-X – Kodak

2nd: Ektachrome 100 – Kodak

1st: HP5+ – Ilford

screenshot 2019-01-17 08.44.12
Does come in 120, see!



#shootfilmbenice Award 2018


3rd: Mike Gutterman of the Negative Positives Podcast.

2nd: EM of the Hypersensitive Photographer Podcast (and

1: Rachel Brewster Wright, of Little Vintage Photography and the Sunny 16 Podcast!

Rach in her bespoke podcast recording studio.