The Sunnies

The Sunnies 2018

Voting for the 3rd Annual Sunnies Awards is now LIVE! And we’d love you to take part.

This year we’ve got 5 categories to vote for, to give us a chance to showcase the very best of what Film Photography has to offer.

Those categories are:

  • Film of the Year
  • Inspirational analogue photographer of the year
  • Best newly released product in 2018
  • Film Photography Service or Supplier of the Year
  • #shootfilmbenice Award

And here’s where you go to vote:

You’ll find more detailed explanations on the form for all the categories, now we just need YOU to go forth, vote and please share.

Voting will be open until the 31st of December, have fun thinking about your choices, and feel free to campaign for a particular product or person – this IS a popularity contest!

Thank you for your help in making the Sunnies Awards the fun recognition of the awesome things we love about our hobby, listen in early 2019 to hear the glamorous Sunnies Awards show!

The Sunbeams