Cheap Shots Challenge

The Cheap Shots Challenge was created to show that you can have a fantastic time with film photography without needing to spend much money. Never mind lusting after a Leica, or hankering after a Hasselblad, just get yourself down to a charity shop, thrift store, car boot sale or whatever and find yourself a bargain!

Here’s the basic premise: Head out into the wide world and hunt yourself down a bargain camera – it needs to cost less than £20/$20 including the cost of a first roll of film, so it probably won’t be the fanciest camera in the shop!

This will be your Cheap Shots special for all the coming challenges, so choose wisely!

Once you’ve got your camera and film sorted, check back here to see what the theme of the current challenge is, then get out and shoot. Given the limitations that can pop up with more basic cameras you may need to start thinking out the box, at least we hope so – that’s when the fun really starts.

Once you’ve shot your roll of film, choose your favourite two images and email them to us at, and be sure to put Cheap Shots Challenge in the subject line.

We’ll post the pictures up on here, and when it comes time to judge them, the judge will choose their favourite 20 shots from all submissions, and then talk about those on the show and pick a winner, who will get the greatest prize of all, Bragging rights! All shot’s entered, whether chosen for the top 20 or not, will get feedback comments left by the hosts and/or the judge.

It’s as simple as that. Be cheap, be creative, and most importantly, have fun.