Ep. 100a: Hitting a Hundred with Ilford Photo – Part 1


It’s episode 100! We made it! And to celebrate this we’ve got something special lined up for this week, a series of 3 shows all featuring audio from our recent visit to Ilford Photo!

In this first part, once Rachel, Ade and Graeme have done some good and proper celebrating, it’s over to Ilford for an interview with Giles Branthwaite (Sales and Marketing Director), and Michelle Parr (Social Media Manager and Digital marketing) covering the recent changes to Ilfords website and social media platforms, what the company is currently focused on, and what the future may hold.

Shows to follow later this week will include a tour of Ilfords Film Developing lab, and a tour of the production site.

Thank you everyone for listening and helping us get to 100!

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2 thoughts

  1. I’m so pleased that you, the Sunbeams have at long last, your own website. A fitting way to mark a centenary of podcasts is this one with a mixture of chat and part one of a very interesting visit to Ilford.

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