Underexposed #3

IMG-20180525-WA0003In this week’s show, Rachel from Little Vintage Photography is back with another episode of UnderExposed, this time, made up of recordings from three separate get togethers with awesome female photographers. They discuss exhibitions, workshops, first time pinholes, handmade cameras, failures, cyanotypes, publishing and tray developing. It’s a bumper episode!

Huge thanks to all the contributors, you can (and should!) follow them on social media here (Twitter / Instagram / Website):

Download this episode (right click and save)

Nikki @unio_collective / @nikkiculleyphoto / http://www.nikkiculley.com

Lea @AllThingsEla / @leaelmphotography / http://www.leaelm.com

Ruth @PolaRooS / @roo_roo_s / http://www.facebook.com/The1212Project

Hilary @aitchclarke / @aitchclarke / http://www.flickr.com/photos/aitchclarke

Meredith @merrimayhem / @merrimayhem / www.flickr.com/photos/mawphotography  

Rachel @rebrewster / @littlevintagephotography / www.littlevintagephotography.co.uk

If you’ve enjoyed the show, please let us know. You can get in touch here:

Website: www.sunny16podcast.com / http://www.littlevintagephotography.co.uk

Email: sunny16podcast@gmail.com / rachel@littlevintagephotography.co.uk

Twitter / Instagram / Facebook: @sunny16podcast
Music by Jeremy Warmsley: @jwojwo / www.jeremywarmsley.com

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