Ep. 104: The Danger BoyZ


On this weeks show Ade and Graeme were joined by the dynamic duo that is Simon Ridell and David Allen, aka the Danger BoyZ. They talk about risking life and limb on the north coast of Scotland to shoot film, heading down into a massive underground WWII Oil tank to make one extraordinary shot on large format, and accidentally breaking into a French Chateau with grappling hooks.

We also talk about the upcoming launch of the Kickstarter for Hamish Gill’s Pixl-Latr, the Cool Film Club and SilverPan Labs.

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Simon Riddell https://www.instagram.com/siriddell/ or https://www.instagram.com/loonysi/ if you don’t to see an impressive collection of selfies

David Allen https://www.instagram.com/dbloomsday/

Or find them both at https://www.instagram.com/dboyzphoto/

Bring Droney Home https://youtu.be/NbVhjljlN5w

Simon published in RPS https://issuu.com/royalphotographicsociety/docs/rps_analogue_issue_6_0418?e=6230194/60295586

Sign up to be amongst the first to hear when the Pixl-latr goes live here: http://pixl-latr.com/



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