Ep. 115: Hot Judge Sunday

blur close up focus gavel
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In this weeks episode the wonderful Johnny Scissorhands returns to join Rachel, Ade and Graeme for a fun catch up on what we’ve all been up, including Rachels many adventures, Johnny going through some old negatives and Graeme getting out to play with a new camera that beeps.

And of course, Johnny turns his critical eye on the hosts submissions for the Cheap Shot’s challenge and picks a winner, as well as the topic for the next round!

Johnny’s Day Job: https://centralcamera.com/
Favourite books about the meaning of photography:


Visit here for help with writing the mandatory 200+ word statement to accompany your submission for the Sunny16 ’Fine Art’ Cheap Shots Challenge:

That one photo Johnny didn’t f##k up back in 1998:

The Mark E. Smith Virtual Memorial Black North Victorian Theme Park Exhibition:

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