Ep. 119: Fresh Bretz

Screenshot 2018-10-07 18.18.09

In this weeks episode we were delighted to be joined be the young entrepreneur behind boutique film brand Bretz Analog, Henry Bretz. We talk about what drove him to pursue his goal of releasing film under his own brand, how he got there, and the many things he hopes to do in the future including supplying colour 127 film!

We also talk about the temperature control system for developing film from CineStill and more!

Find Henry here:



CineStill announcement:

Photowalk Me – www.photowalk.me

Photokina – http://www.photokina.com/fair/photokina-2018/photokina-2018-2.php

Emulsive Secret Santa: Nominations for good causes end soon!

RPS 100 Heroines Nominations close next friday – 28th Sept http://www.rps.org/100-heroines/nominate-here

Rachel’s contribution to Emulsive article on RPS 100 Heroines:


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