Backing Paper #2


Emails, Cheap Shots and general tomfoolery with everyones favourite adventurer this week, Eric from @conspiracy.of.cartographers!

So if  you’re into slander and the besmirching of the good name and artistic integrity of a beloved and well respected analogue photographer then this is the episode for you! 😉

Graeme almost apologises for the fourth time. Ever.

Keep submitting those Cheap Shots Challenge entries!

Also if you’re musically inclined we’d love it if you could make us a theme song for the Backing Paper episodes.

Cheap Shots Pictures: 

Also if you have a Flickr account come and join the fun at the Official Sunny 16 Podcast Flickr group.  Let’s show these Instashams what a photographic community is!






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Music: Bit Quest Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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