Ep. 150: The Homemade Man


For our 150th episode we’re delighted to be joined by Graham Young, creator, podcaster and educator, to hear about his work on the Homemade Camera Podcast, and his new show, Getting Started With Film Photography.

Homemade Camera Podcast: http://homemadecamera.com/
Get Started With Film Photography Podcast: http://getstartedwithfilm.com/
Get Started With Film question submission: http://getstartedwithfilm.com/question-submission-form/
The name of the person who has been promoting the Lumenbox; he goes by the name Joterman: https://joterman.com/
Graham mentioned @chickenthumbs, @futtigue @doragoodman, Dale Willets: @delusions_of_competence, @parrotcam, @nicolesmall_oneonone (though I called her Monica for some reason), @cropped_camera, @avynick

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Music from ‘Promises I Should Have Kept’ by Roja on Spotify, Amazon or iTunes

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