Backing Paper #59


Rachel’s Back! Hurrah and huzzah, Rachel returns to help go through another bulging mailbag of goodness.


Paul Friday’s Poem:


On his darkslide, by Miltish.

When I consider how my life is spent

Counting seconds in this shed, so dark inside,

Or juggling lenses, both long and wide,

Lugging them all, though my back be bent.

To serve therewith my muses, and present

My true account, writ in silvery halide;

“Did that take a whole day?” they ask, so snide.

I bite my lip, more bitter banter to prevent,

But mutter “I need neither chip nor chimp for aid

To assist my eye, I have it best

From rule of thumb and circumstance of fate

Of stochastic influence my art is made.

You can keep your digital pleasures with the rest;

They too expose, who only stand and wait.”


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