Analogue Television on the Radio – Black Lives Matter

This weeks show is an audio version of the fantastic conversation Paul Mckay had with the wonderful Tina Rowe, Rob from London Camera Project and Eric Toribio on the Analogue Wonderland Youtube Channel – go there for the full visual splendor of it all (and to laugh at Paul’s haircut). Many thanks to them all for letting us share this

Video is here:

Description Paul is joined by three incredible black film photographers:

– Rob LCP –…

– Eric Toribio –

– Tina Rowe –

We discuss their journey into film photography, how their personal experiences have been shaped by their race, and their thoughts and hopes for the Black Lives Movement – for photography and for wider society.

Rob also goes on a selling pitch for the APS format…

Follow the Photographers For more of Tina’s work head to her website – For more of Eric’s work head to his YouTube channel –… To join Rob’s photowalks head to:… Recommendations for other black artists to follow:

On Instagram: @ramonjamar_ @_zackwebb @DamonLoble @ImDaveWillis Renell Medrano – @renellaice on Instagram

Ingrid Pollard. Incredible landscape photographer. Exceptionally knowledgeable about alt processes.

Women in photo…

Authority collective for women, non binary BAME photographers. Very active community…

Carrie Mae Weems. Basically the queen of art photography……

Mfonfoto photographers of the African diaspora…

Sandra Harper. Cool photographer excellent human

Paul Halliday. Runs Urban Photo at Goldsmiths. Smart interested and interesting

Autograph the association of black photographers. One of the best galleries in the UK showcasing the work of BAME photographers from around the world…

Heineken don’t make darkrooms but if they did… My darkroom. BW, colour, altprocess, superb humans

Douglas Nicolson., We share the studio and he’s the best. Highly experimental, really smart and thoughtful and he puts up with me.…

Ingrid Pollard. Incredible landscape photographer. Exceptionally knowledgeable about alt processes.

Deb Willis and the tisch school of arts

And the studio museum in Harlem.

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