Ep. 222: All Aboard the Podcast Train!


It’s a full house this week with Clare, Rachel, John and Graeme all here to catch up with each other and you guys, with adventures such as a trip to Italy, videos for Ilford, an printing work for exhibitions and more to talk about. Not only that but we’ve also got some great listener emails to dip into as well.


John’s Patron subscription: https://johnwhitmorephotography.co.uk/support/


Tide predictor: http://www.ukho.gov.uk/EasyTide/EasyTide/SelectPort.aspx

Chicago Youth symphony orchestra: https://youtu.be/5kbAWI7K0ok

Derrick Tate performing: https://youtu.be/5kbAWI7K0ok


Lime 1 Kickstarter

Johannes Heberlein



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