Ep. 226: Planning To Succeed


On this weeks show, Rachel and Clare give the hapless Graeme an insight into the kind of planning and preparation that goes into a successful shoot, exhibition, event or whatever it may be – turns our it’s a lot! Given how little time many of us have to actually take pictures, we hope a chat about how to get the most from that time will be useful.

As part of this we’ve also decided that in two weeks, on December the 17th, we’re going to attempt another one hour challenge, but this time we’re all going to plan in advance and see if that helps! We’d love you to join us virtually for it and take part, so get planning your shoot and there will be more details soon!


Here’s the link to Rachel’s music!  https://rojamusica.bandcamp.com/album/promises-i-should-have-kept-e-p


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