I dream of Cameras #3


Jeff Greenstein and Gabe Sachs return with episode 3 of their fabulous podcast. Topics this time out include:

• Lens collecting: is it exciting?
• Flashes, pro and con
• Camera bags, pro and con
• Caps and straps and such – Jeff is anti neck straps and lens caps, pro wrist straps, belt clips and skylight filters
• Ephemera: manuals, brochures, magazines, books
• What are the best books on cameras?
• Cameras in TV and movies: people hold them wrong, there’s a flash when there’s no flash on the camera, etc.
• T-shirts, caps, pins – mention our imminent merch
• Camera spotlight: Gabe’s choice (Zeiss Contarex Bullseye)
• Camera spotlight: Jeff’s choice (Alpa 11si)

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