Ep. 237: Ebay hunter Vs Manhunter


On weeks show Ade, Clare and Graeme catch up for a hostful lite, and chat about a recent inspirational viewing of the film Manhunter, preparation of a new podcast all about using lighting in photography, and falling down an ebay hole, amongst many other things


We also have some listener emails to read, a new plastic fantastic camera from Harman Technology to talk about, the decision that the prize for the current round of the Cheap Shots challenge is going to be Graeme’s Cheap shots camera, and, most excitingly of all, some news about Rachel!

It’s a lot!


Pixels and Grain website: https://pixelsandgrain.photo.blog

Argos catalogue archives: https://retromash.com/argos/

New camera from Harman Technology:


Justin Quinnell’s Pinhole resource website: https://www.pinholephotography.org/how-to-info


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