I dream of Cameras #6


Jeff and Gabe are back once more to delight us with their camera collecting stories and inspire us all to spend more money on cameras!

This weeks topic include:

• buying from Japan, pros and cons — the cameras look perfect, but… (Jeff’s recent Pen W, Widelux and M-1 experiences)
• how to suss out a seller
• eBay and sales tax
• Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist – where to meet, how you know you’re not getting screwed, etc.
• user vs. mint condition – how many dents and scuffs can you tolerate?
• brassing, engraving, other sorts of wear (real and fake)
• painted cameras? customized cameras? yay or nay?
• what’s your perfect walkaround camera? what’s your travel kit?
• “one camera, one lens, one film stock” – what would you choose?
• Gabe brings three cameras to the grocery store
• camera repair – local? send it off? who’s your most trusted and why?
• originalism: is it uncool to use third-party lenses or accessories on your exotic vintage camera?
• Spotlight: the camera you feel the strongest emotional connection to (Leica M4, Olympus 35RC)

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