I dream of Cameras #14 How We Shoot


Episode 14 • How We Shoot


In this episode, the hosts turn the lens on themselves, examine their shooting styles, methods and subject matter.


Jeff asks Gabe about his portraiture work:

  • How did you get started doing portraiture work? Seems to be your favorite mode of photography – is it?
  • How did the word get out? – models now tag you when they’re coming to town
  • How do you prepare? – choosing cameras, film stocks, location, wardrobe, looks
  • Model releases – do you get ’em? What are the terms of your agreement with them? Do you charge for them to use your stuff, pay them for the session, or is it a favor by you/them?
  • Do you shoot mostly men, women or a mix? Do you have a preference?
  • How do you direct and work with your subject?
  • Does mom or dad or manager or publicist ever attend the shoot?
  • How long is a session? What’s the ideal length?
  • How do you cull, how many images do you show them?
  • If a shot is published, what do you get? What’s the best placement you’ve ever gotten?
  • You don’t have to name names, but talk about your best session ever… and your worst 

Gabe asks Jeff about his photos of “plants and buildings”:

  • What’s your favorite subject to shoot?
  • How often do you think about shooting?
  • Is there a camera you take with you more than others?
  • How do you make the decision of what camera to bring?
  • Will you approach people to shoot?
  • What camera do you bring that’s always been a conversation starter?
  • How do you decide what film stock to use?
  • How often do you shoot and then go home right away and process?
  • Where are your favorite places to go take pictures?
  • What is your favorite travel camera?
  • How many rolls of film will you bring to shoot?
  • Do friends ever ask you to take pictures?
  • Has anyone asked you to do a wedding?
  • What are you thinking about when you’re shooting? Framing? Exposure? Bokeh?


Get in touch via email at idreamofcameras@gmail.com
You can find Jeff: https://twitter.com/blue439

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