I dream of Cameras #15 Fight us again!


nother episode of strong opinions!
  • Gabe’s saga: reacquiring a Konica Hexar AF after letting one go many years ago
  • Jeff’s saga: trying to find an inexpensive 35mm lens for the Leica M6
  • Bokeh: the pronunciation and fetishization thereof
  • The scourge of slow-shutter-speed water shots
  • Pre-flashed films and deliberate light leaks
  • Leaving dust specks on film scans ‘cause it’s “more authentic”
  • Photographic authenticity, Errol Morris’s book Believing Is Seeing
  • The Crop Snobs
  • Who actually manufactures your film?
  • What’s cooler, LCDs or LEDs?
  • The Scannenberg Uncertainty Principle
  • Meter shunners
  • You should be bulk-loading, yeah
  • Cheers for the return of Polaroid Duochrome Black and Blue
  • Come see us at the SoCal Camera Show!

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