On Location: On a Hill Road with Ian Wallace and Jim Duncan


Andrew Guthrie Milne was a Perth railwayman who in around 1902 took up stereo photography as a hobby. Active in competition, Andrew and his wife Harriet took his 3D camera around Scotland with the objective of creating great photographs.  

One hundred years later Sunny16podcast listener Ian Wallace (@ian_onahillroad) undertook a project of over 10 years duration that turned out to be a photo history adventure.  Eventually, it led to him to revisit every one of the locations Andrew placed his camera a hundred years before.

In this podcast Jim Duncan (Andrews' Great Nephew) and Ian (Andrews' Gt Gt Nephew) discuss Andrews photographic work, stereophotography in general and how the project led to the book "On a Hill Road".

Ian would like to especially thank Jim (who is a well known country music broadcaster on WCR FM) and his wife for their help creating this recording. 

Some of the images discussed can be seen in 2D at the bottom of the page here
“On a Hill Road” Scotland in Stereo 3D circa 1902
Learn about the Stereo Victo Camera
The Stereo Victo Camera
The book On a Hill Road (ISBN 978-1-9164389-0-3) is available in the UK on amazon and ebay, UK and overseas can buy on Etsy. There is a special Sunny16Presents price on the book saving 15% (Coupon SUNNY16PRESENTS) until the end of September 2021 available only in Ians Etsy store. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OnaHillRoad?coupon=SUNNY16PRESENTS If you are interested in a talk with 3D Anaglyph images for you interest group (pandemic allowing)
Andrew Guthrie Milne Talks
You can make stereos with any camera with a little care but if you would like to try (and get the bug) using your phone the App mentioned in the podcast is "3DSteriod Pro" just look for it in your app store. There is a free version but its not expensive to go pro. To learn more about stereophotography you can visit some of these links The Stereoscopic Society http://www.stereoscopicsociety.org.uk/ @stereoscopicsociety National Stereoscopic Association
National Stereoscopic Association | Official Website
The London Stereoscopic Company https://www.londonstereo.com/ @londonstereoscopiccompany To view some images by great modern stereo makers follow @nanty_narking @gerland_lo Finally, thanks to Sunny16Presents for giving me the chance to tell Andrews story in this podcast. Ian Wallace June 2021

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