I dream of Cameras #19 • Icons and Nikons


An XL episode boasting two blockbuster features: Gabe’s recap of his adventures covering New York Fashion Week, followed by our survey of the esteemed camera marque known as Nikon.

• Gabe recounts shooting NYFW and the Met Gala
• Jeff’s new acquisitions: a Canon P rangefinder… and (on the way) the Canon RF 50mm f1.4, the Japanese Summilux
• And now: our Nikon show!
• when did you become aware of Nikon, and what was your first?
• Nikon rangefinders: the SP and its siblings
• the Nikon/Canon wars of the ‘70s/’80s
• evolution of the F: F2, F3…
• why no more rangefinders? (till the S3 2000 and SP 2005 commemorative editions)
• spurred by the OM-1, Nikon goes compact: the FM and FE series
• the Nikkormat / Nikomat
• the FM3a — their best ever? 1/4000 with no battery!
• the coveted FM2/T Year of the Dog edition
• consider the Nikonos — they’re so cheap!
• countless point & shoot Nikons, APS cameras…
• the 35Ti, which is not good!
• favorite lenses (e.g. the 105mm f2.5)
• one Nikon to rule them all: which would you choose?

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