I Dream of Cameras #23 Blockbuster!


For our one-year anniversary, an XL show bursting with edification and amusement! 
  • they used the same font as the camera maker for the Olympus Has Fallen poster!
  • a dip into the mailbag
  • do you use depth-of-field preview?
  • Gabe’s trip to Toronto and Downtown Camera
  • Jeff’s new 50mm f4 Macro-Takumar, a rare find
  • is macro more exciting than tele?
  • Gabe pits his new Nikon FM3a against his old Leicaflex, with surprising results
  • soft releases are nice, but the expensive ones are ridiculous (as are hot shoe ornaments)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson with his Nikon 28Ti – do you keep the other eye open?
  • and now: our Olympus show!
    • genius designer: Yoshihisa Maitani
    • 35RC (Jeff’s first camera)
    • 35RD
    • 35SP (and SPn, and DC, and UC, and…)
    • Trip 35
    • Pen D3
    • Pen EF
    • Pen EE
    • Pen EE-3 (a box of ’em)
    • Pen FT (see Billy Name’s All Tomorrow’s Parties book) and its GREAT lenses (25mm, 38mm pancake, 38mm macro, 40mm, 60mm f1.5…)
    • OM-1: the one camera all four IDOCkers own
    • the XA series
    • Pen F digital
    • the new “OM System
  • our limerick contest winners! over 75 entries! some were not limericks, and some were filthy! thanks to everyone who participated!
  • thanks to all our listeners – hey, give us a review on iTunes!
  • check out our new character merch!

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