I Dream of Cameras #24 Yippee Kai Yay (A Christmas Episode)


If loving Kai is Wong, we don’t wanna be right! The centerpiece of this episode is our interview with Kai Wong, a YouTube mainstay for 15 years and author of the excellent new book Old School Photography. But first!
  • the bulging mailbag, featuring listener feedback about depth-of-field preview, keeping the other eye open, soft releases, macro vs. telephoto…
  • lucky limerick-contest winner David Van Sluis got a $150 gift card (instead of $50) from The Darkroom!
  • check out Ethan Moses’s Kickstarter – he’s bringing his homemade 20×24 instant camera to Los Angeles
  • what’s with Linda McCartney’s weird grip on her Nikon F in Get Back?
  • follow-up to our Olympus episode: we forgot the rare & desirable Pen W! check out Daido Moriyama’s NY 71 to see what this lovely machine can do
  • Kai Wong interview:
    • who are your primary comedic influences?
    • this week marks five years of your YouTube channel – how’s it going?
    • what made you wanna write this book? and why film photography?
    • the two halves of the book: first technical, then artistic
    • tip #94: buy flight tickets, not gear
    • talk about your first camera, the Pentax MZ-M – what other cameras have you held onto?
    • street photography in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles
    • what’s your shooting ratio for YouTube videos?
    • neck strap, wrist strap or no strap?
    • do you use a camera bag?
    • do you use depth-of-field preview?
    • do you keep the other eye open?
    • is it more fun reviewing a bad camera?
    • would you pay $3,600 for a Nikon FM2/T Year of the Dog camera?
  • end-of-year thoughts
  • check out our merch page for excellent holiday gifts!
  • thanks to Fred Coury and Keith Greenstein – the whole team will be assembling for an IDOC corporate retreat this weekend
  • to wrap up a glorious year, Gabe suggests everyone remind Jeff how much he’s wrong

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