I Dream of Cameras #25 Where have all the cameras gone?


  • The mailbag!
  • It’s a New Year — once again, check your batteries and exercise your cameras!
  • As of October 2021, Paul BG is no longer making The Thingy, so how do we replace the discontinued mercury 625 battery? The 675 hearing-aid battery plus either a #9 rubber O-ring or a #10 split lock washer
  • Time for more controversy: do you use the self-timer?
  • Jeff’s Electro Spotmatic meter has failed, and when a camera isn’t working, he cannot have it in the house
  • Our thrift-store odyssey: Where are all the film cameras? They’ve been camer-raptured!
  • Where to sell stuff, other than eBay? OfferUp, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, ShopGoodwill, Etsy…
  • Jeff’s hunt for an XPan / Fujifilm TX
  • Are digicams the new film? (see this Casual Photophile article)
  • Books: Pentti Sammallahti’s Here, Far Away
  • Finally: Gabe’s annual report from the IDOC corporate retreat

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