I Dream of Cameras #28 I’ll Be Quirky


he barbarian hordes return fire with a fusillade of emails, and Jeff and Gabe recount their recent travel photography adventures.


  • The prodigious 🎶 mailbag! Including:
  • do you hand-check your film at airport security?
  • lens hoods — do you use ’em?
  • folding camera recommendations
  • listeners’ favorite instagram feeds
  • the teeming masses demand pinhole coverage!
  • a new source for The Thingy (a.k.a. the 675 hearing aid battery to PX625 adapter) — Polar Bear Camera. They also sell on Etsy!
  • Gabe’s trip to Albuquerque, including a visit with the Bill Nye of analog photography, Cameradactyl’s Ethan Moses
  • the state of vintage camera shopping in Albuquerque
  • Jeff’s trip to Philadelphia, where it was so cold the SX-70 battery shut down — plus his favorite travel camera, the mighty Olympus XA4
  • Gabe’s photo shoot with the Contarex Bullseye
  • Jeff’s continuing adventures with the Voigtländer Perkeo
  • Bergger Pancro 400 does not get along with CineStill Df96 monobath!
  • what criteria do you use in selecting which camera(s) to bring to a photowalk?
  • in closing: 28 episodes in, what have we learned?

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