I Dream of Cameras #32 We Gotcha Covid


  • Happy birthday to our patient patron Graeme!
  • Gabe’s COVID ordeal
  • A magical mailbag!
  • Gabe’s recent shooting adventures: a daylong shoot with actor Brenton Thwaites, and Retta’s pink party
  • Jeff’s been a-travelin’, so let’s talk about the travel-camera conundrum. His favorite is the Olympus XA4 Macro — what’s yours?
  • Visits to two great camera shops: Unique Photo in Philadelphia and B&H in New York
  • In a stunning development, Gabe got a half-frame camera, a Canon Sure Shot Multi Tele — how does half a cookie taste?
  • copy stands are insanely expensive, so after much searching Jeff found a Durst F30 on Craigslist — it’s the enlarger he learned on, and now the world’s cheapest copy stand
  • We regret to inform you that Polaroid is at it again, with wildly overpriced Saint Laurent cameras and film — damn you!!
  • Clare Marie Bailey gave Jeff a print of her exquisite photo “Memories of Summer” – print and hang your stuff, swap with other photographers, physical media is nice!
  • Looking for an inexpensive way to shoot Nikon glass? Don’t sleep on the Nikonos!

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