I Dream of Cameras #34 Call Mr. Lee


The jewel of this episode is our interview with Trev Lee, an excellent photographer and the social media voice of The Darkroom lab in San Clemente. But first!
  • Oskar Barnack’s 1923 0-series Leica sold at auction for $12 million
  • Gabe sold two Bronicas at LA Film Camera in Studio City
  • the return of The Thingy, a adapter which lets you replace the obsolete PX675 mercury battery with a cheap 675 zinc-air hearing-aid battery
  • how many cameras do you have loaded simultaneously?
  • an abbreviated mailbag!
  • our interview with Trev Lee:
    • trading his beloved Leica M5 for a Rolleiflex TLR from Gabe’s collection
    • which of his 20 cameras does he bring on a shoot?
    • the allure of the Nikon FM3a – how did he acquire one, how did it vault to the top of his list, and why is it so great?
    • black vs. chrome cameras
    • his favorite lens for the Nikon: the 40mm Voigtlander Ultron
    • the rest of his Nikon lens arsenal are all by Voigtländer! the 28mm Skopar, the 58mm Nokton, and the 90mm APO-Lanthar
    • are rising costs changing the hobby?
    • the Canon Rebel and Elan as good affordable starter cameras
    • are people printing more? what’s the value of a print?
    • and furthermore, what’s the emotional component of photography for him?
    • does working at a photography business siphon off some of the joy? how do you balance the demands of the job with your personal work?
    • the culture of The Darkroom, their dedication to customer service and his role as their social media manager
    • Trev’s website

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