I Dream of Cameras #36 Make It Wit Chu


Jeff is on location! Gabe’s just back from the frozen north! And they still manage to find time for a rollicking conversation with photographer and YouTuber Chris Chu. Tune in for the fascinating result — we did indeed rollick!
  • Gabe’s adventure at Downtown Camera in Toronto with Jessica Devic
  • which camera(s!) Jeff decided to bring on his trip to Atlanta and the UK: Rollei 35 SE and Minox LX
  • Polaroid’s new Green Duochrome is great!
  • a moderate dip into our moldering mailbag, with more talk of travel cameras and bulk-loading Ektachrome
  • Our rollicking interview with Chris Chu:
    • his abrupt decision to abandon a computer science degree in San Francisco to pursue his crazy dream of a photography career in Los Angeles 
    • his journey into film photography, starting with the Canon P
    • and then into medium format with the Pentax 645, the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD and the Mamiya RZ67
    • Chris tries to convince Jeff to get a Big Ugly Box medium-format camera
    • his favorite film stocks Portra 160 and Ektar 100
    • shooting color when you’re color-blind
    • what fueled his growing camera-collecting addiction
    • …but why no 35mm SLRs?
    • what he likes about the rangefinder shooting experience
    • zone focusing: setting a hyperfocal distance and training yourself to use it
    • camera bags — and how many cameras do you carry at once?
    • half-frame cameras: the half-a-cookie debate is reignited!
    • why own the same camera (Leica M6) in both chrome and black?
    • he’s flirting with the Leica M-A – Jeff tries to save him by pitching the M3M2 and CL
    • how do you refrain from getting that next camera? — he doesn’t! he just bought a Hasselblad 501CM!
    • Gabe shows off his 500ELM, an impulse buy at B&H Photo — it’s the Leica M5 of the Hasselblad line
    • Jeff implores Chris to talk him out of the Hasselblad XPan… and he does! whaddya need it for? you have the Widelux!
    • if you have to give away all but one of your cameras, which would you keep? the RZ67!
    • Chris on YouTube and Instagram and his website

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