I Dream of Cameras #37 This Is the Day of the XPanding Man


 VERY SPECIAL EPISODE recapping Jeff’s absurd acquisition of a Hasselblad XPan, and more importantly, his trip to England and Wales to meet all four hosts of the Sunny 16 Podcast!
  • In our last episode, Chris Chu talked Jeff out of getting a Hasselblad XPan, so how did he end up impulsively buying one on his first day in London?
  • A magical trip to Camera City, the very same place where Jeff found his sacred Alpa 11si ten years ago.. and what should be on the shelf but an XPan?
  • And now, the circuit of the Sunnies…
  • An underdiscussed aspect of the XPan: the standard 45mm f/4 lens is incredible!
  • In other news… where’s all the film? And why’s the film we have so expensive?
  • Gabe has set up an on-deck circle of underused cameras…
  • …and has been snapping up photography books
  • Thought experiment: if the boys had to cut their collections down to only ten cameras, which would they choose?
  • Next episode, we tackle the prodigious mailbag!

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