I Dream of Cameras #39 Laverne & Shirley Go to Fashion Week


A blockbuster XL episode in which our friends Chris Chu and Rafael Fernandez help Gabe decide which cameras to bring to New York Fashion Week. Also, yet another dive into our prodigious mailbag, and HUGE NEWS about the podcast — and we don’t just mean our signature yogurt flavor at Menchie’s!

  • announcing the launch of our own podcast feed for Episode 40
  • the prodigious mailbag re-grew like a sliced planarian! topics include:
    • the film shortage
    • the photographer’s Proust Questionnaire
    • If you had to cut your collection down to ten cameras…?
    • dreams of I Dream of Cameras
    • a great camera-bag story
    • a new thriller featuring a film photographer: Exposure 36
    • the Nikonos in the Vietnam War
    • do you insure your cameras?
    • moving film from camera to camera
  • Chris and Rafael give Gabe sage advice, then Jeff chimes in like a moron
  • as you get psyched for our 40th episode, why not try our signature Menchie’s frozen yogurt flavor, I Dream of Cookies and Cream?

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