Ep. 298: I Dream of Photo Workbooks (and staff appraisals)


What a treat (for us at least) this week as we drag the boys from I Dream of Cameras back into the Sunny 16 office for a free range catchup and their Every-40-Episodes mandatory staff appraisal.


On top of that, Rachel has some awesome news – she’s launching a new Photography Workbook, and not just any Photography workbook, the ULTIMATE Film and Darkroom Workbook! If you want to do engage in more hands on darkroom stuff, or just do what you already enjoy doing, but in a more structured, thoughtful, and ultimately productive way then you need to check this out. 

Sign up for the Waitlist and bag a pre-order discount here: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5f31706d307c1600261e2852


Rachel’s website:




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