I Dream of Cameras #40 This Is 40


  • thanks to the lords of Sunny 16, we now have our own podcast feed!
  • a lightning round to empty our prodigious mailbag – limit one sentence per email!
  • Gabe’s about to leave for New York Fashion Week – here’s the final list of cameras he’s bringing:
  • Gabe’s kit for a portrait shoot with Kal Penn: the R5, the Q and the M10
  • to fund Gabe’s recent impulse buy of the Canon R5, he actually sold some stuff:
  • on the same trip, Jeff failed to unload a mint-in-box 90mm f2 Summicron ASPH with caps, case and original papers – any takers?
  • Jeff’s about to make another trip to Atlanta and KEH — last time, he looked at a ton of cool stuff (thanks Sam) and came away with a 35mm Nikkor for his SP rangefinder
  • this time he has his eye on a 35mm f2.8 PC-Nikkor tilt-shift lens to use with the XPan
  • Jeff’s recent impulse buy: a Konica Acom-1 a.k.a. Autoreflex TC – what is “automatic” exposure, and why do we judge those who use it?
  • the difference between shooting the Widelux (serendipitous) and the XPan (deliberate)
  • no cameras allowed at the Malibu Chili Cookoff, and no cameras on tripods in LA’s public parks! wtf?
  • serial numbers – do you find them interesting? Jeff sure does!
  • Jeff used the Paterson System 4 with its babyish plastic developing reels.. and he loved it!
  • forty episodes in, what have we learned?


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