Ep. 305: Sunnies 2022 Launch


The return of the Sunnies Awards 🥇🥇🥇

We’ve missed The Sunnies for the last two years so it’s super exciting to bring them back for 2022. This year we want to celebrate the Analogue Community and everyone in it. There are seven categories and a link at the bottom of these notes to vote.

Categories where you vote for your favourite out of a finite list…

  1. Favourite S16 Presents show
  2. Best new film launched this year
  3. Best new camera launched this year – must be buyable
  4. Fave refurbished camera vendor

Open categories where we look to celebrate the community – could be anything or anyone

  1. Most influential community newcomer
  2. Favourite body of work published this year – book, zine, exhibition, postcard set…
  3. Innovative widget of the year

Please vote on this google form


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