Digital Film Photography #3 Down the Rabbit Hole

Lean over to get a better look. Just a little further… whoosh, down you go 😀. It’s time to talk about tools. How do we process our images? How do we achieve the film look?


Apps and tools mentioned in the show:



DxO PhotoLab

DxO FilmPack

Nik Collection


Vignette (Android)

Oddity: digital camera emulation for digital cameras

Snapseed: Android iOS 

Free web-based film emulator

Fuji film recipes


Articles & images:

Portrait of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks

Discussion on PetaPixel about the difficulties of emulating film grain

Article about (motion picture) film emulation via LUTs and other means

Christian and Ade are on a journey to explore the spectrum of digital and film photography. It’s inclusive, light-hearted and hopefully fact-based 😀. Please join us!


Christian on Instagram: @c_str1

Ade on Twitter: @ade968

Ade on Mastodon:

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