Grainsplaining #8 Cherylee brings the sunshine

Hey film friends! We are back with another episode of Grainsplaining, and with our first ever guest, we have gone international baby!

In this episode, Emma talks to a long time film photography friend, Cherylee Legair, all the way in the beautiful Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago. Emma and Cherylee met a few years ago on a #sheheartsfilm photo walk and have become FPFFL (Film Photography Friends For Life).

In this episode, Cherylee chats to us all about her journey with film and some creative avenues you can try to get you shooting again. We discuss the potential barriers people may be facing right now when it comes to their journey with film photography, and how we work through them.

Cherylee is a serious breath of fresh air, and one of the most positive and upbeat people we know. So get ready to feel her joy and get inspired! Join us for a chat about film, creativity and everything in between.

You can find Cherylee on instagram: @clegairphoto Twitter: @CheryleeLegair and for all the awesome people she mentioned, follow- Rachel @littlevintagephotography Rob @londoncameraproject Paula @paulasmithphoto Izzie: @izzie_farr Meredith @merrimayhem


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