The Lighting Lounge 02: Re-entry

Welcome (back) to The Lighting Lounge! John-Michael Mendizza and Sunbeam Ade are readying the ropes, pulleys and sleeping bags to dive deep into the rabbit hole of lighting in photography. We gonna love it and we’re pretty sure you will too 😀.


To kick us off, we are waxing philosophical on the “why” of lighting and we also share some images that inspired us and some of our own work. New for this series, we also have video on YouTube (link to come) and we share the images we discuss in our Discord so we can all talk about them there.


Mentioned in the show:

Fan Ho – Approaching Shadow

Tim Walker – Monty Python portraits

Peter Lindbergh


Enjoy the conversation and then join in on the Sunny16 Discord 😀


Music credit: Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod. Free downloadLicense (CC BY 4.0)



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