Backing Paper #14


Good news bad news. Good news is this weeks Backing Paper not only features the wonderful Rachel, but also Hamish Gill from 35mmc joins us to talk about the meetup at the Photography Show. Bad news is audio quality isn’t great this week due to technical difficulties (I broke my PC) – sorry!

Sign up for the meetup at the Photography Show at

Buy your tickets to the show here:

And use code : LVPTPS19 to get a 20% discount off an adult ticket.

And finally, if our incompetent but heartfelt vague suggestion that money might be helpful in paying for things struck a chord with you, you can find our Ko-fi page here and buy us a lovely cup of tea, we’d be very grateful. 🙂








Re-Mortgaging The Nest Of Hairs by Schnauser

Used with permission. All rights reserved by the artists.

You can listen to and buy Schnauser’s music here:

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