Support the Sunny 16 Podcast. Please and Thank you.


Hello there, Matthew here. I can still barely walk since my severe reprimand from Graeme after I mucked up Episode 135, so the reprimand I get from this won’t hurt as much. Graeme, Rachel and Ade are far too nice to write a post like this, luckily I am not.

This may come as a shock to some of you but even though podcasts may be free to listen to they are not free to make. There is recording software, hosting of audio files, hosting of website, domain fees and Jammie Dodgers* that all need to be paid for.

How nice is it to listen to a podcast that isn’t trying to cram web hosting, audio books and freaking shaving kits down our throats every 5 minutes. Speaking as someone who is opposed to shaving, I find the later quite annoying.

The guys, after much nagging from me have set up a Ko-fi account, which means you can assist them on their podcasting journey.

If you have enjoyed listening to the podcast over the last few years and if you would like to continue listening to the podcast in the future and if you can afford it please consider passing a few quid their way.

The guys would also like to spend the money on some field recording equipment so they can do more recordings out and about. And depending on how much money you can spare, they may be able to afford some podcasting lessons for Graeme.

Please and Thank you.


Matthew aka fotodudenz


*There are no Jammie Dodgers, only Tesco Rich Tea Biscuits.

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