Ep. 137: He Blinded me with Science (and the Sun)!



On this weeks show we’re delighted to be joined by Sam Cornwell, the man behind Solarcan! We talk about the trials and tribulations of bringing a product to market, sending Solarcans into space, the magic of Solargraphy, and about how bright the Sun really is (spoiler alert, it’s very bright). We also talk about Sam’s upcoming stand at the photography show, and speculate about what could be coming next.

You can find Sam here:



Sign up for the meetup at the Photography Show at: https://www.photowalk.me/photowalk/sunny-16-35mmc-photography-show-mega-analogue-meetup

Buy your tickets to the show here: https://www.photographyshow.com/registration

And use code : LVPTPS19 to get a 20% discount off an adult ticket.


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