Ep. 235: Do photographers dream of Leica-made sheep?


On this weeks show we’re joined by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Greenstein, the two utterly delightful hosts of the camera collecting podcast “I dream of cameras”, as well as being writers and producers of some of the most iconic shows in Hollywood, but really, who cares about that when there’s cameras to talk about.

The conversation goes all over the place, as you might expect, but it was a real good time, and as well as listening you can also watch the show on YouTube, which is well worth your time as John was doing some incredible real time producing of his own so there’s plenty to see going on. 


Youtube show: https://youtu.be/eMMHwg-HfQM



Find the all of the I dream of cameras show info here: https://www.idreamofcameras.com/

Subscribe to Sunny 16 Presents to make sure you don’t miss an episode: https://sunny16presents.podbean.com/


You can find Jeff: https://twitter.com/blue439



And you can find Gabe: https://twitter.com/gabestuff?lang=en



Check out the videos from Roja and Marlowe on this feed for a look at Rachel’s rockstar days! https://www.youtube.com/c/WeatheredMan/videos



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