I dream of Cameras #5


Jeff and Gabe are back with another brilliant episode of I dream of cameras!


Topics this week include:

• it’s a new year, check your batteries! How to replace the obsolete PX625: the MR-9 adapter, the Weincell, the 675 + paulbg ring, etc.
• wrongly valued cameras (Minoltas, Konicas and Mirandas are treated like trash; Mamiya/Sekor is garbage while Mamiya is a treasure; Pentax K1000 overvalued while ME Super is undervalued; Canon AE-1 over, EF and A-1 under; Olympus OM-1 way under, etc.)
• autofocus / point and shoot – is it real photography?
• does handheld metering make you more of a photographer?
• plastic / toy / Lomo cameras
• Polaroid, Instax, One Instant (a disaster), Polaroid Chocolate
• expired film – what’s so great?
• bulk loading
• Spotlight: the cameras we each irrationally and indefensibly love (Hasselblad 553ELX, Canon EF)
• Thanks to Fred Coury for the music and Keith Greenstein for the logos

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