On Film #8: In conversation with Brian Griffin


In this episode we talk to the photographer and film maker Brian Griffin, about his surreal short films, his music videos for bands such as Pan Sonic and Depeche Mode as well as hearing about his latest book ‘Black Country Dada’, his upcoming exhibition, and his yet to be made film….

Brian is recognised as one of the most influential British photographers and created many iconic album covers for bands such as Depeche Mode, Iggy Pop and Kate Bush. 

He is also responsible for a body of work that shot business leaders and made them into surrealist art

Listen here to Brian talk about his films, his influences, and his many insights and stories alongside his script for his yet to be made film that hopefully will become a reality!

Brian Griffin




Instagram @ brian_griffin_photographer

Twitter @canadawharf


Clare Marie Bailey



Twitter @ClaremBailey

Instagram @claremariebailey




‘Motorway’ by Mirror Gaze




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