I dream of Cameras #9 Disasterama


The outline:

• we had a whole episode planned, but then my girlfriend and I broke up, so now we’re gonna talk about disasters (and perhaps how they could have been avoided)
• dropping your camera (or slamming it into a wall)
• opening a camera, forgetting film is inside (but some say it’s no big deal!)
• razoring film stuck in the Robot
• dropping a lens… ugh, awful story
• camera falling off the tripod
• losing a camera, forgetting a camera
• camera theft
• trying to fix a camera thinking you know how to fix it
• leaving the lens cap on
• SLR vs. rangefinder
• changing cameras midroll
• end on an up note: excitement about our new shooters (Olympus OM-1, Rolleiflex SL350)
Get in touch via email at idreamofcameras@gmail.com
You can find Jeff: https://twitter.com/blue439

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