I dream of Cameras #11 The Polaroid Show (feat. Emily Earl)


The mighty Jeff and Gabe return, and this time they’re not alone! They’re joined by super special guest Emily Earl
• State of instant photography 2021 – how much do you shoot instant?

• Favorite peel-apart cameras and films – scanning the negs using the bleach-gel trick

• Oddities: Polaroid backs (Forscher Proback, Speed Magny, etc.)

• Favorite integral film cameras

• Let us now praise the Impossible Project; let us now shame Polaroid as it exists today

• Ever used Instax?

• favorite Polaroid books and docs

• Interview with Emily Earl, author of Late Night Polaroids:

• background as a photographer

• discovery of Polaroid ProPack

• effect it had on shooting style…

• …and subjects — people respond differently to the Polaroid vs. DSLR

• how did eight years of shooting eventually coalesce into a gallery show, and a book — and how did you know when you were done?

• with the demise of FP-3000b, what’s your current feeling about Polaroid and the future of instant photography?

Emily Earl on Instagram: @emilyearlphoto

Emily’s website: http://www.emilyearlphotography.com/


Get in touch via email at idreamofcameras@gmail.com
You can find Jeff: https://twitter.com/blue439

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