E248 : The new states man


On this weeks show we’re joined by the mighty Mike Caputo to talk about his recently edited and published photography magazine which features a different photographer for each of the 50 US states sharing their work!

We also talk about Graeme’s new enlarger, the trip he made with John to get it, and his pretty amazing Birthday camera.


Also, there was a surprise collection of listener content at the end of the show for Graeme, including a couple of very different but equally magical songs amongst many other kindnesses. A huge thank you to everyone who got in touch and sent something in, you are all far better people than we deserve to have listening!


Find Mike on Instagram @aloha_bigmike

The new zine can be seen and bought here: https://www.blurb.com/b/10703303-america-fifty-on-film




The Birthday Song by Silence is full of birds

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