Ep. 260: Baby shows, Photography shows, Ghost no-shows


It’s a host catch up this week, with John visiting a haunted house and being too afraid to admit he saw a ghost, Clare making secret movies and Ade filming his family, hopefully not secretly. Oh, and did we mention that Rachel has kindly brought the newest Sunbeam into the world? Well she has! We haven’t started her induction program just yet, but give it a few weeks and we’ll have her shooting film and podding like a pro.


We also have a conversation with Ruth Folkard and Hamish Gill about the upcoming Photography show in the UK, and in particular the Analogue Spotlight part of it, which features a lot of stuff to interest us film shooters.


And, as if that wasn’t already enough, we’ve got some great listener emails and Cheap Shot’s Challenge pics rolling in! What a week!



Photography show links: 20% Discount code is SUNTPS21

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