Music and Photography #20 Dan Milnor

Much of Dan’s current creative output can be found at

His YouTube films are at

Listen to his podcasts, including his “Dispatches” series of interviews with creatives at


Some of the photographers that were mentioned in our conversation:

Jim Nachtwey, Sebastião Salgado, Anthony Suau (“Beyond the Fall”), W. Eugene Smith, Maggie Steber (“Dancing on Fire”), Mark Henle, Michael Ging, Alessandro Cinque, Glen Wexler, Douglas Kirkland, William Claxton, Jim Marshall, Annie Leibovitz and Herman Leonard.


Some of the organizations doing documentary work:

Magnum, VII Agency, Agence VU, Noor (Amsterdam), CatchLight (Bay Area)


AG23 ( and some of the contributors that were discussed:

Zoe Sadokierski, Frank Jackson, Jan Butchofsky and Hannah Kozak


Theme song “Timeless” from Mike Gutterman at


Get in touch with Sunny 16 at


The show on IG: @musicandphotographypodcast

The show on Twitter: @musicnphotopod


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