Ep. 310: The Sunnies Awards 2022


The Sunnies Awards 2022 yaayyyyyy! Back by dope demand after a two year break, we have an amazing breadth and depth of work and stuff to celebrate and to share. Our 7 categories for the Sunnies are:


1. What is your favourite Sunny 16 Presents show?

2. What is the best new film launched in 2022?

3. What is the best new camera launched in 2022?

4. Who is your favourite vendor of refurbished cameras?

5. Who is the most influential newcomer in the analogue community?

6. What is your favourite body of work published this year?

7. What is your favourite innovative widget of the year?


Clearly we won’t spoil the show by listing all the outmodes here 😀. But we will list all the recommendations for question 6 because it has given us so much to enjoy…


  • Photography Through The Pandemic
  • King  (Zine)
  • Hilary Clarke’s “See through it”
  • Mik Critchlow’s ‘Coal Town’ exhibition at Woodhorn Colliery Museum
  • Diana Markosian Santa Barbara
  • Gregor Sailer – Unseen places
  • Choosing and losing, John Whitmore
  • Home is Not a Place – Johny Pitts & Roger Robinson
  • Dean Scutt’s Paris zine
  • Chris Killip, retrospective at Photographer’s Gallery 
  • Emily Earl / Late Night Polaroids
  • Kyle McDougal An American Mile
  • Ade’s Smithereens
  • Sanguinetti’s New book
  • Stereoscopy is good for you (London Stereoscopic/Brian May)
  • Pound of Pictures, Alex Soth 
  • The Art of Black and White Developing by John Finch (Pictorial Planet)
  • Vivian Maier expo
  • Henri Prestes ‘ We Were born before the Wind’
  • Nikon in the USA
  • Saul Leiter black and white
  • All new and old
  • The Photograph as Haiku by M. H. Rubin
  • Kit Young Rive Gauche
  • The Ultimate Film & Darkroom Workbook – Rachel
  • An american mile by Kyle Mcdougall
  • I Hope You Find What You Are Looking For by Gloria Baker Feinstein


And because it will help promote everyone, here is a list of people voted for in category 4:



Enjoy the show and the super special guest host. Happy Holidays to everyone and hugest thanks for all your support to Sunny 16 ❤️❤️❤️


Clare’s Revela’t open call

Rach’s photo awards judging

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