Digital Film Photography #4 The Pro View


Time to seek professional advice! We are very pleased that Todd Korol joins us to discuss how he works with both film and digital and the considerations he has for both. Some great insight and definitely some inspiration for Christian and Ade.


Videos on Todd’s YouTube channel that we talk about in this episode:

I photograph the Olympic Stadium in Athens with my Leica cameras.

Street Photography with an 8×10 View Camera

Making Big Large Format Prints and Displaying them in a gallery.


Todd’s social media:

Todd Korol – YouTube

Todd Korol (@toddkorol) • Instagram photos and videos

Todd Korol (@toddkorol) / Twitter

Todd Korol (Todd’s web site)


Christian and Ade are on a journey to explore the spectrum of digital and film photography. It’s inclusive, light-hearted and hopefully fact-based 😀. Please join us!


Christian on Instagram: @c_str1

Ade on Twitter: @ade968

Ade on Mastodon:


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